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Lance Dog is a site that is aware of ‘inner voices. Its primary concern is continuing the listeners’ personal development through self-knowledge using dog food, gifts, drinks, homes, respect, relaxation protocol, and other things.

We recognize that dogs are loyal animals, so I decided to provide information about the dog to encourage them to respect and treat the dog with protocol.

The purpose of this site is to help the reader every day that they accept this site’s information, make the dog’s life easy, and provide the dog with good food. that more love grows between dogs and humans.

About this site

The Lance Dog site and the content published on its pages are private property. Authors with experience are sending information about the dogs. Some with a lot of experience in producing quality content for the internet.

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Transparency and fairness are the guiding principles of the site. We treat privacy seriously and with care. Information about users that is finally collected on the site I governed by our privacy policy, available at lancedog.com.

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Financial income comes solely from the commercialization of online advertising space available on the site. This allows the production of free-quality content to survive.

We identify and separate space for advertising from the content we produce, ensuring complete and absolute independence from the interests of the site’s advertisers.

Important Notification

To assist you in caring for your pet, Lance Dog provides realistic, real-life ideas and training assistance. We aid pet owners with the information they need to give their animals the best life.